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For Women - now Offering Testosterone Pellet Therapy

Do you suffer from hot flashes, P.M.S., bloating or night sweats? Wake up tired? Is stress getting the best of you? Can’t lose weight? Is your sex drive a thing of the past?
If you answered yes to even one of these questions, you may be suffering from hormonal imbalance. After age 35, the body’s hormones start to decline. For men, the drop is slow and continuous.  For women, the change is usually RAPID with loss of hormones like estrogen, progesterone and, yes, even testosterone. Over time, these diminishing hormones can lead to the tiredness you feel, the path through menopause, a diminished immune system, heart disease, high blood pressure, weight gain with insulin problems that often lead to diabetes, low thyroid, frail bones, insomnia, and loss of cognition.
It’s the cycle of life. The good news is, there is hope for you. The use of  Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), may be the closest thing we have to enhance lost vitality.  Hormone Replacement Therapy hormones are made from natural plants and their chemical structure is exactly the same as human hormones. Many drug companies use synthetic hormones that may ‘act’ similar to our bodies, but are not purely identical. Our philosophy is to attempt to adjust your current hormone amounts to the optimal levels that were achieved when you were younger and your body was working better. By utilizing a thorough history, along with results from blood and saliva tests, an individualized treatment plan can be made. This is not a one-dose, one-pill, fits-all plan. Come open-minded and committed to lifestyle changes. Depending on symptoms, one might expect a treatment to consist of prescription hormone replacement (given as a pellet, cream, injection or pill) a weight loss program, and vitamin supplements.
What has been described above is part of the natural aging process. Now add in the stress of being a working woman, mother, spouse, dealing with family and friends, having little spare time – no wonder no one feels well!. We know you may still be ‘hot’… but we can help you when it comes in ‘flashes.’  For more information or to make an appointment, please call 318-361-9066.

Anti-Aging / Hormone Replacement Therapy

Our goal at Professional Laser Center is to help guide women and men through the changing seasons of their lives.

For Men - Now Offering Testosterone Pellet Therapy

Men also experience a drop in their hormones with aging. This decline is often called male menopause or andropause. It is caused by a drop in testosterone and growth hormone. Unlike women who have a rapid drop in hormones after the age of 35, the male hormones drop about 1-2% a year.

This slow hormonal drop starts to catch up with men around their late forties when added weight starts to form around their abdomen. Men become tired more easily and prone to injuries. They notice they don’t have the strength nor energy to do the things that came easily when they were younger. A loss of sexual drive or erectile dysfunction also sets in. However, if treated, many symptoms are reversible. It also has been found that testosterone and growth hormone aid in lowering cholesterol, improve heart and mind function, boost immune responses and give an overall state of well-being.

The bottom line is, if you feel that your moods are changing, that you no longer have the strength or energy of your younger days, that you can’t lose that “beer” belly, or the bedroom is just for sleep, then you just might have declining male hormones. Treatment may consist of hormone pellets, creams, supplements, medication placed under the tongue, or injections. For more information or to make an appointment, please call 318-361-9066.

We tailor individualized treatment plans that provide nutritional support, as well as the replacement of diminishing levels of hormones, through hormone therapy, weight loss, and suggestions for improvement in digestion.

We have no choice in the fact that we get older, but we do have a choice in how we plan to live our years. It is our hope that as a team, we can give you the opportunity to not only improve your health, but, perhaps, help you live a longer, more vibrant life.

Dr. Victor Zuckerman, D.O. is the Medical Director at Professional Laser Center.  Dr. Zuckerman is a board-certified physician with specialty training through the American Academy of Anti-Aging. He specializes in helping people with what euphemistically can be called the ‘USTA’ syndrome. You ‘used-ta’ feel good, now you’re tired all the time. You ‘used-ta’ run a triathlon, but now you’re exhausted with no libido. The truth is, we are all faced with this dilemma as we age. Our hormones, the body’s messengers of health, simply decline with age. It  is our belief that by restoring these hormone levels with hormone replacement and supplements, we can help slow, if not reverse premature aging.

There is no promise of a fountain of youth, but at least we can develop a program and partnership that can help you achieve the goal of good health and vitality. We are not part of any insurance plans, but will help you with submitting the proper forms to your insurance company for reimbursement.