Many tattoo inks contain heavy metals that have been linked to a large number of health problems, including cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Among the most concerning metals found in tattoos are mercury, lead, antimony, beryllium, cadmium and arsenic. Many also contain dangerous phthalates and hydrocarbons. Phthalates have been shown to damage the liver, kidneys, lungs and reproductive systems in animal studies.

Until now, the most common method of removing tattoos was with a laser, which dissolves the ink.  Their components are then absorbed into the body and bloodstream.  Many may never be fully eliminated from the body, and even those components which do get eliminated, may cause damage before they are eliminated.

But now there is a much safer way to remove your unwanted tattoo. A specialized acid compound is gently infused to the depth of the ink deposits with 11 microneedles.  The micro-trauma causes a regenerative response, which forms a scab.  The scab physically draws up the tattoo pigment. Once the scab falls off, so does the unwanted color.  No ink particles are absorbed into the body or bloodstream. 

The Dermapen TattOff is also less painful and expensive (due to the reduced number of treatments).  Only one to four treatments are required, as opposed to 8 to 10 treatments with the laser, and it won’t damage your natural skin pigment.  Another plus is the Dermapen TattOff is ‘color-blind’ and will REMOVE ALL COLORS, including the most exotic hues and blends, unlike lasers that can only treat a limited range of colors.  It’s also suitable for the permanent removal of cosmetic, professionally applied, and amateur tattoos.

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Dermapen TattOff Tattoo Removal System

Who said tattoos were designed to last forever?  Thanks to revolutionary advancements in microneedling technology, Dermapen TattOff will quickly rid you of what you would like to forget.  

This amazing technology allows tattoo removal of ALL colors, without the use of lasers.  Instead, the Dermapen TattOff uses microneedling, which deposits an acid into the tattoo. The pigment is then brought to the surface of the skin in the form of a scab, instead of sending it into the lymphatic system when a laser is used.