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Lumenis IPL is a non-invasive light system, cleared by the FDA, to treat a variety of benign skin conditions including Rosacea, lentigines (brown spots), hyperpigmentation and sun damage.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

We call Lumenis IPL our “magic wand”: an Intense Pulsed Light that “Photorejuvenates” skin by shining intense bursts of light that penetrate the skin for a split second. 

The bright light is scientifically tailored to cause the destruction of unsightly spider veins; unhealthy skin infiltrates, and damaged cells that signal sun damage (brown spots). It also decreases pore size and tightens skin. IPL heats the dermis which activates the skin to produce collagen over the course of 5 to 12 weeks. You will experience smoother skin, improvement in skin tone, reduced brown spots and diminished redness after each treatment. Because IPL is gentle, there is no interruption of your daily routine and improvement is subtle, so your skin does not appear obviously treated. Improvements are gradual and accumulate with each successive session.  For more information, visit