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LightSheer™ Laser Hair Removal

The LightSheer diode laser is the world’s most advanced treatment for effectively removing unwanted hair.

LightSheer is the gold standard procedure specifically designed to remove unwanted hair faster, safely and reliably and with less discomfort than any other method.

The key to successful hair removal is destroying the entire follicle, down to the bulb and its germinating centers, while preserving surrounding healthy tissue. Destroying the hair follicle during its active growth cycle is another key to producing long-term hair reduction. Consequently, multiple treatments, approximately eight, are scheduled four weeks apart to achieve optimal results.

The laser gently removes unwanted hair, based on the principle of selective photothermolysis; the process whereby light energy causes thermal injury to the hair follicle. The light penetrates through the skin and is absorbed in the pigment (melanin) in the hair shaft. The energy absorbed in the shaft causes the temperature to reach a sufficiently high level in the hair follicle, so the targeted hair structures are destroyed and re-growth is inhibited.

The treatments are virtually painless and there is no downtime.  For more information, visit