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PRP Hand Rejuvenation

This procedure utilizes an injection of the PRP (platelet rich plasma) described in our other PRP procedures in more detail.

We draw blood from your arm and isolate the growth factors in a special FDA approved centrifuge.  The result of this blood spinning process is PRP which is then injected into the top of the hand.  

Rejuvenate and Heal Your Mind and Body.

This procedure can be done along with filler, or as a stand alone procedure.  Most of our patients combine the hand rejuvenation with other PRP procedures, because we can draw enough blood with the initial stick to accommodate several procedures on the same day.  There is little down time with the hand rejuvenation but the results can be immediate.  Over the next few weeks following the treatment, the growth factors will stimulate new blood vessels and collagen, adding to the full, youthful appearance of the hands.​